What is Race Beacon?

Sled Dogs

Sled Dogs, Really?

Race Beacon was originally designed to make it possible for spectators at sled dog races to have an idea of what is happening with the competing teams while the teams are on the race course. When sled dog teams race, they run courses that are measured in miles. Even the smaller two and three dog teams race 2-5 mile courses. The larger sprint teams will run up to ten mile courses and distance teams will race 20 miles and more.

Spectators are able to watch the first 1/8th to 1/4 mile until the teams turn a corner or go into the woods. Then they wait at the start-finish line for the teams to return. During that waiting time there is a disconnect for the spectators to know what is happening with the racers. Race Beacon was created to bridge that disconnect. As racers take their smart phones with them on the trail, Race Beacon will track their location and can then display a map at the start-finish line of real-time locations of the racers.

Spectators could also use Race Beacon on their smart phone or similar device to observe the team movements on the trail. In addition, any person with a desire to follow the progress of a race can use Race Beacon to observe the team movements on the trail with their computer at home or their smart phone while traveling.

Moving Forward

Once the idea for Race Beacon was established, it became apparent that Race Beacon could also be of value to the organization sponsoring the race as well as the other contestants and dog handlers. The sponsoring organization could quickly know if a team left the designated trail or took a wrong turn. In the case of a team leaving the designated trail, they could quickly send a safety official to recover the team.

Beyond Sled Dog Racing

With the basic concept for Race Beacon defined, the ideas kept flowing. Once in place, Race Beacon will be able to serve much more than the Sled Dog community. Take Race Beacon with you during your marathon, motocross race, off road vehicle race, or any other activity where others may have an interest in following your activity.

Spectator Participant Official
Spectator Participant Official